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Digital marketing for those who just need it done perfect.

Websites, apps, animations, eCommerce, SEO, banner ads, social media & all the rest of your full stack digital needs.

Stick Creations, LLC is a media and production agency based in Los Angeles.  Our clients are primarily boutique agencies with high profile clients that push the state of the technical and creative art.  Matthew Dunnerstick is the primary owner and manager.

Below are a few project samples.  For the latest, please contact us below.  This list is updated in delayed batches, due to various timings of rollout strategies.

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The following guidelines have been shaped bit-by-bit over the years, and are what you can expect with each project:

  • Highest qualities for design: Will create and/or match the designs perfectly, adding beautiful touches and new possibilities where applicable.
  • Highest technical abilities: If something is possible, it can be done here.  If something can be fixed, it can be fixed here.  It will also be done in a way that anticipates future changes and items perhaps even overlooked in the client's requirements documents, this way down the road little things don't become big problems.
  • Sharp and fast deadlines.  Always deliver on time, and with the understanding that sometimes clients have last minute changes that just need to happen.
  • Will work at a flat rate cost that we are both comfortable with up front.  Will allow for the usual design and client feedback changes without needing to raise rates.
  • Positive attitude.  Through it all, aim to keep a calm manner and a bright outlook no matter how tricky things get.

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